RobotiX in the box was born with the aim of creating comprehensive educational spaces for a successful robotics lab at a low cost.

RobotiX in the Box looks forward to enhance the impact of our movement, reaching different geographical spaces and infrastructure, reducing the technological breach in our country and Latin America. With RobotiX in the Box we want to take part in the transformation of the traditional educational system, by allowing our students to develop suitable abilities for the XXI century. Our model is also based on the idea of creating social impact.


Puntos México Conectado is a national network of community centers of training and digital education that comprises 32 points, one in each state of the Republic, where any person can learn how to use information technologies and use their creativity to start innovative projects. RobotiX was selected since 2014 to give robotics workshops for children and adults all around the country, thanks to this amazing project. In 2016, robotics classes doubled in each PMC of our country thanks to the demand generated by the attendees of these digital inclusion centers.
We are very proud of being part of Puntos Mexico Conectado.

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